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John Middleton Inc., 150th Anniversary Folder

The challenge was to show the full product line and all the accomplishments of having the #1 product for 10 consecutive years! More...

Client Stories

Project: Armstrong World Industries - Commercial Ceilings Catalog

The Challenge: Manage the content and production of the Armstrong Commercial Ceilings Catalog, the division's most important and widely-used marketing and sales tool. The catalog is a 260-page commercial ceilings product catalog, including installation photography, detailed product specifications and information critical to product specification and selection by architects and designers. Prior to 1998, when this project was managed in-house, without a dedicated project management team, excessive costs, data inconsistencies and delivery time was in jeopardy.

The Solution: Armed with years of experience in the building products industry and experience using integrated project management tools to track product information and production schedules, we took on this challenge. By breaking up information into critical paths, and managing page review by teams instead of individuals, the process was streamlined and time schedules allowed for new product information deadlines for final data to be extended as late as possible.

The Results: Since 1998, Armstrong Building Products has relied on us to manage the Commercial Ceilings Catalog. Under our management, this project has consistently been delivered on schedule, on budget and on time.

Project: Armstrong World Industries - Communications Support for Latin American Commercial Ceilings

The Challenge: Develop and manage communications in support of sales for Armstrong Commercial Ceilings sold in all parts of the Central America, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Understand the regional cultural and marketing nuances Manage the content and production of the Division's most important and widely-used marketing and sales tool: a 260-page commercial ceilings product catalog, including installation photography, detailed product specifications and information critical to product specification and selection by architects and designers. Prior to 1998, when this project was managed in-house, without a dedicated project management team, excessive costs, data inconsistencies and delivery time was in jeopardy.

The Solution: As experts in international communications and language expertise in both Spanish and Portuguese, we were easily able to take on this task. We not only act as the point of contact for marketing support to the Armstrong in-country sales team, but manage the development of a Latin American Spanish version of the Commercial Ceilings Catalog, and were instrumental in setting up the Company's Latin American web sites in both Spanish and Portuguese.

The Results: Since 1998, we have managed all the Latin American Marketing Communications for Armstrong Commercial Ceilings. We have successfully managed costs and have received recognition for supporting the growing sales base in this region of the world.

Project: Armstrong World Industries - Product Presentation Design & Development

The Challenge: Support product launches and sales meetings with innovative design and development of varied PowerPoint presentations and Adobe Presenter presentations in support of sales, distribution and training. Presentations include voice over taping, editing, music and animation.

The Solution: With our arsenal of presentation and graphics specialists, and our understanding of the building products industry, we were able to provide impressive presentations and quick turn-around to meet the company's needs. Armstrong also trusted us to develop the Division's first Adobe Presenter training modules with edited voiceover - now a growing sales and marketing tool that is being rolled out to Distributors and customers as well.

The Results: Since 2002, Armstrong has relied on us provide cost-effective, timely support over 25 dynamic presentations each year in support of new product launches sales meetings, webinars and conferences

Project: Wolf Distributing Company - Marketing & Communications Support

The Challenge: With a two-week looming deadline, and a new Marketing Manager, the company was scheduled to hold its national sales meeting and introduce new manufacturers and products that would significantly impact sales growth in 2008.

The Solution: Our team quickly set out to design the sales meeting presentations based on a "Play to Win" sports theme and developed a "Playbook" for each sales team member with cleaver sports-theme artwork and overview information for all manufacturers, strategies, products and budgets for the new year. In addition, we developed detailed Plans and Promotions documents and customer 'Score Sheets' for the new manufacturing partner companies and their products, including market opportunity, product strengths, and Wolf Distributing Company sales strategy for growth.

The Results: Through critical partnership with the new Marketing Manager, and a history of being able to 'get the job done', we were able accomplish our goals. We researched the product and manufacturer information, developed the marketing tools, and personally delivered them in time for the meeting kick-off.

Project: Skyline Gardens Garden and Gift Center - Retail Marketing and PR Support

The Challenge: Skyline Gardens, new retail gift and garden center was planned for a rural community. As part of the company's strategic plan, they needed a marketing and brand identity strategy to introduce this upscale center for collectibles, garden products and plants to the local community. Once built, the retail enterprise would require ongoing PR and marketing support to establish and grow market share.

The Solution: Our strategic marketing team developed a comprehensive marketing strategy and budget requirements which was integrated into the Skyline Gardens operations plan. We developed and implemented the marketing support activities for the company for the first two-and-a-half years of operation. supported the marketing initiatives

The Results: Before Skyline Gardens even opened its doors, we developed a brand identity and solicited a multi-faceted PR campaign in the local business journal which followed the company's start-up and progress in a series of feature articles over the first 12 months of operation. We were instrumental in the ideation and implementation of the company's initial open house and seasonal theme events which drew record crowds and boosted sales.

Project: Hi-TECH Connections, Inc. Reading, PA

The Challenge: Hi-TECH Connections, Inc. a regional developer of business-to-business network systems and support services was primarily an engineering/sales lead company with no professional in-house marketing support. Although sales grew from client referrals, the company strategic plan included growth as a result of new partners and new market presence.

The Solution: As an outsourced resource, and a reputation for developing hard-hitting business-to-business marketing materials, our team acted as the company's marketing management team and supported the development of professional marketing and sales support materials for its products and services over a 3-year period.

The Results: Our marketing professionals were instrumental in enhancing Hi-TECH corporate image and clearly presenting the company's products and services to a broader audience through cost-effective literature and marketing support. When the company later merged with Eltrax Systems and moved its headquarters to Atlanta, we were contracted to provide continuity in marketing support after the initial transition literature and web site re-design.

Project: Bio-Medical Devices International

The Challenge: Bio-Medical Devices International, a worldwide leader in providing medical, surgical and personal protective devices, intended to expand sales of its signature product, MaxiAir to the industrial and safety market. This product was used in the medical market for years, but had never been introduced to the industrial or safety markets.

The Solution: BMDI asked us to develop a market penetration strategy and design and produce the advertising and collateral materials to guide the introduction of this product into the marketplace. The plan included targeted direct mail, email announcements, industry publication PR, and advertising.

The Results: As a result of the plan implementation, BMDI exceeded their yearly sales projections in both new market segments for the year (an increase of 880% over any sales to these markets during the previous year.

Project: Mifflin Valley Reflective Apparel

The Challenge: This client needed a full line catalog for this complete line of reflective apparel. To replace single sell sheets. They wanted a 'one-stop-shop' type of brochure to replace single sell sheets. They were not getting the message across that they had a full line of these products.

The Solution: Under extremely tight budget constraints and a tight production schedule, we were able to develop a strategy to shoot all photography and design and print a 6-page catalog showcasing their entire product portfolio.

The Results: Response to the new catalog with clearer photography was met with overwhelming customer response. The high level of market demand for this highly effective sales tool forced the company to reprint 5 times the average yearly print quantity only 3 weeks after the initial print run.

Project: Armstrong Flooring

The Challenge: Armstrong was looking to expand market share with innovative flooring products they planned to launch MODe, a new concept in resilient flooring that was all about letting the consumer mix and match flooring tiles in coordinating patterns.

The Solution: In order to focus on this critical launch, Armstrong Flooring Products asked us manage the commercialization process - from development of the communications launch strategy, and act as the company's point of contact with their design agency for the development of all communications collateral and in-store displays. This included a new type of catalog to sell flooring - including design ideas plus insight from a New York interior designer, Eric Cohler, a 26-page catalog, a new type of floor distributor display and an on line training program.

The Results: This new product introduction was executed on time, and on budget with 1,020 flooring displays to 12 distributors! Distributor response included accolades for creating excitement in a product category that was passé!

Project: John Middleton Inc.

The Challenge: John Middleton, Inc. manufacturer of pipe tobacco cigars, wanted to create a sales tool to promote awareness of the company's 150 year old history and the success of their premier product, Black & Mild, the number one packaged cigar for 10 years.

The Solution: We developed an upscale 150th Anniversary Pocket Folder for their representatives to use for customer presentations and a leave behind to hold sales materials.

The Results: This pocket folder provided the product and company brand image boost that sales representatives needed to give them an edge in the retail market, and further pushed sales of its premier product to greater heights.